3.20.16 – Sunday Smatterings

By JT Ellison

Hi, y’all!

Both J.T. and Amy here, super stoked and wondering how we finally got to our first big 2016 moment: it’s release week for a little book you may have heard us mention once or twice.

Still stumped? Well…

NO ONE KNOWS comes out this week!!!!!!!

We know, we know: we’re a little beside ourselves. We’ll be talking about the book quite a lot this week, so apologies for our excitement: between signings and interviews and chats and giveaways, we’ve been planning all kinds of fun for this week, and we want you guys to know about all the action. Rest assured, we’ll return to our regularly scheduled program soon.

But we’re SO glad to share this week (ahem, five years in the making) with you!!!

And don’t forget: the pre-order contest to win an iPad Mini is still going strong until Monday at 11:59 pm CST. So if you plan to buy the book, go ahead and do it, and send an email to Amy with your proof of purchase to put your hat in the ring.

Alright, alright, you came here for links, and links are what you’ll get. So. Without further ado…

Here’s what happened on the Internets this week:

Disney announced they’re making a new Indiana Jones movie, slated for a 2019 release, and the Internet had all kinds of feelings about it.

Nashvillians! Have you heard about the newest endeavor of our lovely indie store, Parnassus Books? They just opened a bookmobile called Pegasus (Peggy for short), and it is the cutest thing ever! Wanna find out where Peggy is every day? Follow her Twitter feed!

Fans of The Walking Dead will be excited (or horrified) to hear that Universal Studios is bringing TWD experience to life!

The days of finding a mass market paperback edition of To Kill a Mockingbird (the cheap format used by schools nationwide) are numbered.

It’s so satisfying to meet people who love what they do every day. The owner of an Athens, GA, bookstore is one of those people. This is such a great interview! Her enthusiasm is so infectious that we’re determined to find our way to this bookstore someday.

Do you have trouble forcing yourself out of bed in the morning? We know: leaving a warm, cozy bed can be the hardest part of the day. But here are some tips on how to wake up—and get up—easier.

Remember Karen Hall’s Dark Debts? Everyone in the book world thought this book was the start of Hall’s great literary career—but she never wrote another book, only obsessing about Dark Debts‘ flaws. But Hall just rewrote the book for its 20th anniversary, and the New York Times did a fascinating profile about it.

Here’s what your favorite Harry Potter book says about you.

Can drinking wine before bed really help you lose weight!?

These are 27 things every book lover knows to be true.

And closer to home:

J.T. blogged about wanting to quit. It’s a particularly poignant week for this post, really, considering NO ONE KNOWS took 5 years, 5 titles, and 18 drafts before it became the book you’ll get your hands on Tuesday. Never give up, folks.

And if you’d like to say hi to J.T. this week, in person or virtually, head over to the Events page. You can see where she’ll be (and, of course, we’ll blast it all over Facebook and Twitter, so you’re in the know).

Alright, peeps, that’s it from us. J.T. is going to end her Lenten fast a bit early (you know, book launch and such), so you’ll be hearing from her for the majority of the time from this week on. I (Amy) must say, it’s been SO fun to chat and laugh with you guys over the break. J.T.’s right: she really does have the best readers. Thanks for welcoming me so warmly into the fold!

And we’ll leave you with this:

Descartes reading of good books conversation minds

J.T. and Amy

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