12.13.15 – Sunday Smatterings

By JT Ellison

Hello, lovelies! I hope you’re having a good Sunday, and a nice day of respite in the midst of the holiday bustle. On this third Sunday of Advent, the weather has been (sadly) springlike in Nashville (hello, low 70s), so we’re soaking in the last bit of warmth before Old Man Winter brings the chill. It sounds like quite a few of you have had the same warm weather in your area, so I hope you’ve been able to enjoy it too! Though in truth, I want to find myself inside a pine cabin with a vaulted ceiling, staring out a frosty window at a six foot snowdrift, with tons of hot chocolate and firewood, but hey, I’m weird.

Here’s what I found around the Internets this week. It was a big week, so grab your tea (coffee, orange juice, whisky) and get reading!

Bret Easton Ellis expounded on the (bizarre) culture of likability in which we find ourselves, and he nailed it. I encourage you to give this a read and reflect.

If you’re looking for inspiration to create all the things, read this article from Kris Rusch right now. No, really. I link to Kris a lot, but this one is important for all creatives.

Here’s a Thanksgiving challenge that’s actually appropriate for the entire holiday season. Sometimes, we need to step back from what we think the holidays are *supposed* to look like and enjoy what they *are* for us.

If you have a stamp to spare and would like to spread some joy this holiday season, mail a Christmas card to this courageous little girl.

Y’all know I’m a huge Tennessee Titans fan, which is why I loved this Sound FX video of rookie quarterback Marcus Mariota. What a great kid! He’s clearly a leader, and this organization has needed a true leader for a long time. Can’t wait to see what he brings to the team in the next few years.

Y’all also know I’m a fiend about doing your best work. These 12 Chrome extensions will motivate you to work harder and smarter. I’ve recently installed Momentum, and I love it! (via Buffer)

The ladies of She Reads remind us about the beauty of the Advent season in this lovely post: the opportunity to be silent.

Also in tune with the holiday season, here are 31 books that will restore your faith in humanity.

Um, Duran Duran and Chic will be coming to Nashville in 2016. That’s all.

And back at home base:

You want to be a part of my newsletter this week, because I have a super special surprise for you on Tuesday!!! Join here — trust me!

Two Tales Press logo

On Two Tales Press, we discovered the best bookish gifts for the word lovers in your life. Between personal library lending kits, Harry Potter-wrapped pencils, and name embossers, you need to check these out for a loved one…or yourself! (via BuzzFeed)


And The Wine Vixen brought us the first of Amy’s wines she sampled in Vegas (bonus: there’s also a great coffee bar suggestion you should check out), and I talk about a Shiraz that fruity, delicious, and easy on the wallet. Oh, and if you’re looking for wines that will work with your budget, check out our new (ingeniously named) Budget tab, where we’ve divided our wines by dollar amount.


I loved interviewing my friend and brilliant author, Patti Callahan Henry—and not just because she let me almost throw up on her during my first A WORD ON WORDS interview. You can watch an extended version of our conversation here. I think you’ll enjoy Patti’s warmth, humor, and ideas about writing Southern literature! #keepreading

FYI: Amazon is running specials on their favorite Cops & Crooks books of the year. And guess whose hardcover is now only $14?

Tao of JT logo

And on the Tao, I was excited to share that PW called my new book, NO ONE KNOWS, “riveting,” and I divulged how I created a publishing house with Vellum.

Alright, folks, that’s all I’ve got this week. Enjoy the magic of the season, send a Christmas card or two, and I’ll talk to you soon!


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