11.29.16 – FIELD OF GRAVES is out in paperback today!

By J.T. Ellison

One of our favorite English language idioms is the phrase “Last, but not least.” It applies to today’s post because…

I am here to announce my last release of 2016 – FIELD OF GRAVES in paperback!

Last, but not least, because FIELD OF GRAVES (or FOG, as it is lovingly referred to at Chez Ellison) is the 6th release of the year. Yes, 2016 was a very, very busy publishing year for me. And this is it until March 14, 2017, so enjoy it slowly…

FOG was a very fun book for me, not only because it was the very first book I ever wrote, but because it was a SIBA Okra Pick!, received a starred Publishers Weekly review, and saw me out on the road across the country on tour. I had so much fun releasing this baby out into the world, and I’m so thrilled it’s now available in paperback for your enjoyment.

Click here for the official round-up of all the reviews and articles.

And in case you missed the hardcover release, here’s the scoop:

Taylor Jackson is back, y’all.

Get all of your questions answered (How did Taylor get her scar? How did she and Baldwin meet?), and say hello to your old favorites (Sam! Fitz! Marcus! Lincoln!) as they track down a madman trying to create his own apocalypse.

Enjoy revisiting Taylor and her team. And if you’ve already read FOG, might I suggest that it makes a fabulous, portable holiday gift…

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