11.24.14 – The Bookcases are Coming, the Bookcases are Coming!

By JT Ellison

I know you’re terribly surprised to hear I have several overflowing bookcases in my house. We’ve decided adding more is the only solution, and I just got the call that they guys will be here Wednesday morning at 9 to install them. Which means… CHAOS!!!!!!

I have to offload ALL the shelves in the living room, plus remove a ladder shelf in the kitchen covered with cookbooks and teapots to make room for the desk that’s moving there. This, whilst getting Thanksgiving in order, since there will be people knocking on the door at ten Thursday morning.

Plus, need to write 10,000 words this week, minimum.

HAHAHAHA… the joke’s on me, isn’t it?

1865 today. I’d keep going, but it’s always better to stop in the middle of a scene. And there’s all these books to move….

Via: JT Ellison


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