11.15.16 – Are you a pencil geek like me?

By JT Ellison

I am a pencil geek (not to be confused with a pencil-necked geek).

I’ve always loved pencils. For an OCD writer, the pencil is a must. I get anxious when I make mistakes on paper (also why the word processor probably saved my sanity) and having a way to eradicate the mistake as quickly and completely as possible is a YUGE thing for me.

In Toronto, during the marketing meeting, the pencil I was taking notes with became a bit dull. So I bent down and reached into my backpack as unobtrusively as I could, pulled out my sharpener, and proceeded to quickly sharpen my Pearl and continued taking notes.

A moment later I realized there was complete silence in the room.

I looked up from my note-taking to see everyone in the room biting their lips, on the edge of hysterical laughter.

“You have a pencil sharpener?” my editor asked, incredulous, and the whole room busted up laughing.

As I am the PROUD owner of a Blackwing Long-Point pencil sharpener and I have a trove of Blackwings in my (ahem) pencil case, pencils became the topic of conversation for several minutes. Which was awesome, not only for the historical context (Hemingway preferred pencil, as does Daniel Silva, both heroes of mine) but also the discussion of pencil styles, temperaments, lead, and erasers. I gifted my agent with a Blackwing and on we went, all warmer and happier than before.

Because that’s what pencils do. They make us happy. Which is why I love to use them.

Want to get started on Blackwing? Check this out.

And, leave me a comment, and I’ll draw at random and send the winner a box — and a sharpener — so you can get your geek on in your next meeting!

Nerd out, peeps!

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