11.13.16 – Sunday Smatterings

By JT Ellison

Another Sunday, this one much darker and colder than the last, as fall has finally settled in and (thank heavens) daylight savings is over. I’m not a fan of DST. I must be part bear — the longer nights and earlier sunsets means I sleep better, get up earlier, and am in general a happier camper. Isn’t that odd?

I spent the week relatively unplugged, working feverishly on the revisions of my new standalone novel. Thursday night I spoke to my alumni association (RMWC, represent!), a fun night dredging up memories of the people who told me I wouldn’t ever get published (HA! I say. So there!) but I’ve been home the remainder of the time typing and petting the cats, so I’m in turns stir crazy and ready to sleep for a week. One fun thing, we have a new title, and a new release date. Ready?

LIE TO ME will appear on shelves September 5, 2017.

I do have to share one great mistake:

Typo I just found: She died of a heroine overdose.

And with that, here’s what happened on the Internets this week:

The quite divine Parnassus Books is celebrating their 5th anniversary. I can hardly believe it’s been five years, and I am so honored to call them my home store. Happy Anniversary!

I know we’ve all done our Meyers-Briggs tests, but I particularly like this site’s in-depth analysis. Which one are you? (I’m an INTJ, btw.)

You’re not dreaming: turning the clock back an hour takes a toll on your mental health. Here’s how.

The answer to many of life’s questions is “be more like BeyoncĂ©.” Wherever you are on the BeyoncĂ© spectrum, I think you’ll agree she does social media the way we probably all should.

Two of my favorite things combined: Harry Potter yoga!!!!!

These giant flip books in the middle of the woods in New Hampshire are mesmerizing.

And closer to home:

On the Tao this week, Amy and I came up with 40 things to take your mind off the election (still valid), and I talked about my recent trip to visit my publisher (spoiler alert: click for book news!).

There’s still time to enter to win a copy of NO ONE KNOWS, plus 30+ more thrillers + a Kindle Fire!

And Leonard Cohen passed. Hallelujah is one of my favorite songs. So I leave you with the SNL version. That’s all I have this week. I love you, I stand with you, and we’ll talk again soon.


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