1.17.16 – Sunday Smatterings

By JT Ellison

Hi, lovelies! How are you? I’ll admit, it hasn’t been the easiest week. But here’s a bright spot: thrillercat Jameson has been cleared to resume normal activities, so she’s out of her cone! Thank goodness. It was hard on all of us to keep the poor bunny confined.

And without further ado . . .

Here’s what happened around the Internets this week:

First of all, I’m heartbroken that cancer has taken two of our most talented men. I’m talking, of course, of David Bowie and Alan Rickman. I wrote about Bowie here on the Tao. And there’s no question: Alan Rickman was Snape. I think one of my dearest friends, Laura Benedict, summed up our collective grief quite well:

Careers have highlights and low places. When someone dies, most everyone remembers the highlights. The best of people. They forget that the person was a work in progress, a work that was different from project to project, day to day. The day after that person sang/wrote that favorite song, or acted in that favorite film, they probably went on to do something less, well, remarkable. They went on living their lives, working because it meant something to be working, whether we cared about it or not. Their possibilities were still delightfully possible.

Rest peacefully, sirs. We will certainly miss you.

Some writers have a ritual before they put pen to paper. I get it — getting words on the page takes discipline. But Hunter S. Thompson’s pre-writing rituals were more more unconventional than even I had originally thought . . .

It’s no secret that I love Dani Shapiro. Her writing is so beautifully lyrical and resonates so deeply with me—like this piece about the friend that got away. I know we’ve all had that person. Dani articulates this situation so well, it’s like she was inside my brain.

Go read AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE. Just trust me on this one.

I love a tool that helps me get the job done. I have a well-documented love of Wunderlist, so I was intrigued by this article—it explains why I love the melodious ding! that sounds when I check something off the list.

Speaking of handy tools: Mac people, do you long for a Gmail app so that you don’t have to contend with yet another tab cluttering your browser? Here you go.

I dunno about you, but I’d much rather buy something once at a premium than keep replacing a cheap product. Turns out, I’m not alone—and there’s a website to help people like me.

And score 1 for the indies: my hometown store, Parnassus Books, is expanding!

And here at home base:

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Um, I nearly fell out of my chair when BookBub named NO ONE KNOWS one of the “15 New Books to Read If You Love GIRL ON THE TRAIN!” And a few other people have been passing around ARCs of NO ONE KNOWS, and they’ve been saying some really nice stuff!

Two more months, you guys! I can’t wait to talk about this one with you . . .

Also, you need these potatoes in your life. OK? I can’t stress to you how delicious (and easy!) these are on a weeknight. Want more recipes? Sign up for the newsletter, and get a new one every month. Spoiler alert: next month’s is a killer slow cooker recipe . . .

The Wine Vixen logo

And on The Wine Vixen, Amy learned an important life skill: how to find delicious white wines at restaurants AND stay on-budget. And I indulged in a delicious Cabernet, brought to you by the same folks who make Grand Marnier (what!?).

Two Tales Press logo

Want some free book samples? Every product page on Two Tales Press is now equipped with a handy link that’ll let you peek inside the books. Happy reading!

That’s all from me. Y’all keep warm, make some soup (or, better yet, those rib-sticking potatoes!), and we’ll talk again soon!


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