1.10.15 – Sunday Smatterings

By JT Ellison

Hi, chickens! How was your week? I’m hunkered down, writing away on the next Nicholas Drummond book, THE DEVIL’S TRIANGLE. I won’t say much here yet, but I think you’re going to like this adventure!

Without further ado . . .

Here’s what happened around the Internets this week.

Guys. The frisson I got while watching this . . . it’s overwhelming. I am one giant goosebump after watching this Outlander Season 2 sneak peek on STARZ. The first season was excellent, but this looks like it’s moving into magnificent territory.

And speaking of Outlander, designed Terry Dresbach talks at length about how she goes about creating the Least Patriarchal Costumes on TV. Seriously, more is . . . well, more.

According to Nashville novelist and bookstore owner Ann Patchett, the indie bookstore isn’t dead. In fact, Patchett says in The Wall Street Journal that they’re coming back. This is nothing but great news for all of us.

Hey, MacNerds, listen up: Griffin Technologies has introduced a BreakSafe Magnetic USB-C Power Cable for the 12-Inch MacBook. Thank goodness! I was thinking about this MacBook, but not having the MagSafe stopped me.

Thriller writers should read this for accurate research: Oregon Militia Occupation and Tamir Rice: The Facts.

Oh, if you’re looking for some reading material, you should check out my buddy Jeff Abbott’s newest, THE FIRST ORDER. Killer! Also, Lisa Gardner has a new short story out, Three Truths and a Lie. Great title, great story!

And closer to home . . .

JT Ellison logo

I’m thrilled to announce that NO ONE KNOWS was selected as a 2016 Winter Okra Pick! I was so honored to be selected. I also posted my 2015 Annual Review, and chose my path for 2016 — the Year of Lent.

And for those of you wondering, thrillercat Jameson is feeling much better after her medical debacle last weekend. Here she is, locked in her cage, posing as the Caped Catsader. Thanks for all your warm thoughts and well wishes!

The Wine Vixen

The Wine Vixen gave us two new bottles this week: a sexy Shiraz from Amy, and a deliciously classic Barolo from me.

Two Tales Press

Two Tales brought us 16 Resolutions Only Book Nerds Can Relate To, as well as a bookish Valentine’s Day gift to nag your honey for.

That’s it from me, peeps. Stay warm, keep reading, and I’ll see you soon!


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