7.24.16 - Sunday Smatterings

By JT Ellison

Hi, guys!

Amy here. How was your week? I played Bingo last night. Yup: BINGO. The fast-paced kind where you have a million squares and a marker to pound out tiny dots. I was the youngest by a couple scores, but I didn’t care. It was magical.

It doesn’t take much, folks.

Here’s what happened on the Internets this week:

Liane Moriarty

Have you read anything by the most successful Australian author you’ve never heard of?

historical fiction textbook Book Riot

This was fabulous: “What Historical Fiction Can Do That History Textbooks Cannot” (bonus quote i.e. why I loved this:

“It’s up to fiction to tell the smaller stories, to remind us everyday courage matters too.”

Yes. Yes. Yes. 👏👏👏

secret midnight paintings Dr. Seuss

Take a gander at the midnight paintings of Dr. Seuss.

write ugly

Writers: this is why it’s crucial to write ugly.

And closer to home:


Miss the Boss Lady yet? I know, me too. You can catch her blogging every other Friday on The Wine Vixen! This week, she dished on a yummy Barolo she had in San Diego. (Barolo is legit, you guys—just sayin’)


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Alright, folks, that’s it from me. Stay in the shade, wear sunscreen (do it!), and I’ll talk to you soon!

Cordially yours,
Assistant Amy

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7.17.16 - Sunday Smatterings

By JT Ellison

Hello, fellow bookworms.

I hope you’re doing alright today. Whatcha been up to, anything fun? I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with my latest farmer’s market haul. I’m thinking of making a huge, cold salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, lemon, and parsley. Because it is 🔥🔥🔥 here, you guys. And under no circumstances do I want to turn on my oven.

Anyway . . .

Here’s what happened on the Internets this week:

Soda South

Coca-Cola. Pepsi. Dr. Pepper. Mountain Dew. They all have something in common besides being sodas: they were all founded here in the South. This fascinating article from Serious Eats explains why.

audible channels

Did you hear that Audible is basically launching its own paid podcast channels?

texas library cat reinstated

Update: Texas Library Cat Reinstated (this is the important news I bring you, people).

100 best beach reads

Nothing stirs up controversy like declaring something THE BEST. What say you about these 100 “best” beach reads?

summer of suspense

Speaking of beach reads, you can win a whole bunch of them here—including FIELD OF GRAVES!

HP summer science camp

IMPORTANT: there is a Harry Potter science summer camp.

And closer to home:


And on The Wine Vixen: are you looking for a white wine off the Riesling/Sauv Blanc/Chardonnay/Pinot Grigio beaten path? This wine might be the ticket.

new book

Oh! And you might’ve heard that J.T. is writing a new book… (talk about saving the best for last!)

That’s it from me you guys. Pray for me tonight as I bake in the sun at an outdoor country music concert. In July. In Nashville. I must be a glutton for punishment.

Cordially yours,
Assistant Amy

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7.14.16 - FIELD OF GRAVES Roundup

By JT Ellison

Hi, guys!

Amy here. Hard to believe it’s been a month since FIELD OF GRAVES came into the world, right? Did you have fun getting to know all of your favorites before the series began? I know a lot of people enjoyed seeing Taylor and Baldwin’s relationship blossom. But me? I’m glad I finally know how Taylor got that infamous scar.

J.T. likes to put together a digital scrapbook of sorts for each book. So I’ve taken the liberty to compile one for FIELD OF GRAVES. You can check it out below!

(and if you haven’t read the book yet, what are you waiting for!?)

The Official FIELD OF GRAVES roundup


Trade Reviews

“Well-developed, multidimensional characters and an exceptionally strong plot power bestseller Ellison’s eighth Taylor Jackson novel, a prequel to 2007’s All the Pretty Girls, the series opener. . . . The characters’ humanity and the gut-wrenching problems they face in life-and-death situations put Ellison in the top rank of romantic suspense novelists.”
– ★ Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Followers of this series will relish the revelations of how Ellison’s protagonists first connected. New readers of this page-turning, suspenseful thriller will want to catch up on the author’s other books.”
Library Journal

“As always when it comes to author J.T. Ellison, this book is a creation of fear, suspense, with even a little humor thrown in . . . Ellison shows a skill and talent that is more than exceptional at laying out a fresh path leading to a murderer that readers will not believe!”
Suspense Magazine

“Everyone should already be reading Ellison, but those unfamiliar with her work could start here.”
RT Book Reviews

“Field of Graves features a dynamic cast of well-developed characters, a thrilling plot that leaves the reader guessing at every turn, and an unlikely love story simmering with sexual tension and genuine romance. Fans of J.T. Ellison’s dynamic crime-fighting duo Taylor Jackson and Samantha Owens will welcome this page-turner of a prequel for the new backstory it reveals about her beloved characters.”
Chapter 16

Written Features

Book Tour

  • Nashville, TN: Parnassus Books
  • Houston, TX: Murder by the Book
  • Scottsdale, AZ: The Poisoned Pen
  • San Diego, CA: Mysterious Galaxy
  • Lone Tree, CO: Barnes & Noble
  • Littleton, CO: Tattered Cover

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7.12.16 - On News, Glorious News!

By JT Ellison

Hi, lovelies! It’s J.T.!!!

I know I’m breaking my silence, but I am so excited to share some awesome news with you today! Remember during my annual review last year, when I listed a secret project in my word counts? It’s not a secret any more!

I’m writing a new standalone thriller! It’s called TEAR ME APART.

Here’s the announcement from Publishers Marketplace:

NYT bestselling author J.T. Ellison’s new standalone TEAR ME APART, the story of a young couple’s happy marriage falling apart after the unexplained death of their infant son, each blaming the other for his loss, to Nicole Brebner at Mira, in a good deal, by Scott Miller at Trident Media Group.

TEAR ME APART will be my next solo book released, sometime next summer. It’s been brewing in my mind for almost two years, since I was sitting in a Parisian café and the idea hit me. It’s been a challenging book to write, which is why I’m off on my social media sabbatical trying to get it finished.

For those of you who loved NO ONE KNOWS, this one is definitely right up your alley. It’s a domestic suspense (or domestic noir, whichever you prefer), a thriller with deeper undertones. Ordinary people, extraordinary event, and the aftermath that ensues.

I’m enjoying the process of creating something out of nothing, which standalones seem to be for me, rather than having the world already built. I’m also really loving this new editorial direction, and I hope that passion will translate to the page.

Don’t worry about Sam and Taylor, I haven’t abandoned them. ALL FALL DOWN will be coming, just not right away. TEAR ME APART just won’t leave me alone, so I have to write it. Some stories are like that.

I hope your summer is going grandly! I’ll see you in a few weeks (Assuming the book is done by then…)

In the meantime, #keepreading!


P.S: I know some of you are still waiting for the audio of FIELD OF GRAVES. I promise it’s coming, very soon. The moment I have a date, I’ll share the links. 📚

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7.10.16 - Sunday Smatterings

By JT Ellison

Happy Sunday, folks!

Amy here. Are you having a good time settling into summer? In Nashville, that usually means coming to terms with never-ending sticky weather with thunderstorms every afternoon. But you know what? I’m making peace with it because . . .



I live for fresh tomatoes. By themselves with salt. On a freshly grilled hamburger. In pico de gallo. With cottage cheese. In all the things, I live for them. I love you, tomatoes.

Anyway . . .

Here’s what happened on the Internets this week:

40 hidden artworks

This one’s for the book nerds: look at these 40 hidden artworks painted on the edges of books!

NPR food

A valid question: “Why does every new restaurant look like a factory?” (I thought this was just a Nashville thing—not so much, it appears)

Morris Book Shop

Have you ever wanted to own a cool book shop? Now’s your chance.

nerd socks

Shop for stocking stuffers early: look at these socks for book nerds!

There is nothing I love more than animals of different species being friends—a good life metaphor, I think.

And closer to home:

Produtturi Barbaresco Nebbiolo Langhe 2010

Have you been missing JT? Never fear! I have the scoop on a way to get your thrillerchick fix: this Wine Vixen blog post, in which she dishes on an Italian red.

fridge dill pickles

If you didn’t catch JT’s July News, you can check it out here, along with this killer pickle recipe! (and if you never want to miss it again, you should sign up for her monthly email—word on the street is a pretty cool contest for email subscribers is coming soon…just sayin’, folks)

That’s it from me, fine people. Go get you some tomatoes (or whichever summer produce makes your heart flutter), stay cool, and I’ll talk to you soon!

Cordially yours,
Assistant Amy

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BITTER MOON cover and pre-order!

By noreply@blogger.com (Alexandra Sokoloff)

I’m very excited to reveal the cover of Book 4 of the Huntress/FBI Thrillers!
Bitter Moon is out November 1, and is now available for pre-order for just $3.99.
But remember, these books should be read in order! So if you need to catch up, start with:

As you might guess by the cover, this book takes Roarke deep into the desert, following a sixteen year old cold case that may be the key to Cara’s bloody history. It’s probably the most mystical of the books, unfolding on a dual time line, with the present and past intersecting as Roarke and fourteen-year old Cara both race to stop a sadistic serial predator.
There are new characters I think you’ll love as much as I do, and you’ll find out much more about Cara’s past. And there are new settings! The California desert is possibly my favorite place on the planet, and for this one I’ll be taking you to the magical Coachella Valley and the wine country of Temecula.
Scroll down for more details about the book – but if you haven’t read the first three, you’ll want to do go back and do that first.
FBI agent Matthew Roarke has been on leave, and in seclusion, since the capture of mass killer Cara Lindstrom—the victim turned avenger who preys on predators. Torn between devotion to the law and a powerful attraction to Cara and her lethal brand of justice, Roarke has retreated from both to search his soul. But Cara’s escape from custody and a police detective’s cryptic challenge soon draw him out of exile—into the California desert and deep into Cara’s past—to probe an unsolved murder that could be the key to her long and deadly career.
Following young Cara’s trail, Roarke uncovers a horrifying attack on a schoolgirl, the shocking suicide of another, and a human monster stalking Cara’s old high school. Separated by sixteen years, crossing paths in the present and past, Roarke and fourteen-year-old Cara must race to find and stop the sadistic sexual predator before more young girls are brutalized.

Via: Alexandra Sokoloff


7.3.16 - Sunday Smatterings

By JT Ellison

Happy Sunday, Everyone!

Amy here, pleasantly surprised that I’m not drowning in Tennessee humidity this July weekend. I actually want to go outside instead of huddle under the A/C and pray for winter (I run a little hot—I really should live in Alaska).

American friends, I hope you have a lovely time celebrating the 4th tomorrow!

hardly anything rattles toby, but he’s not a big fan of loud noises that disturb his slumber

Mother of Greyhounds PSA: If you’ve got pets who are going to be frightened of fireworks, don’t forget to make the holiday a little easier for them, make sure they’re secure, and give them a little extra love.

Here’s what happened on the Internets this week:

Dick Van Dyke singalong

Dick Van Dyke led a sing-along of “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” from Mary Poppins in front of Walt Disney’s childhood home (because why not?), and I got all the feels. LOOK AT HIM. He is 90. I daresay he looks (and moves) 30 years younger than that. I’ll have what he’s having.

Eleanor Roosevelt Harry Potter

This is why our Nashville indie Parnassus Books is my favorite: a shop-dog scavenger hunt and Harry Potter celebrations. I mean, come on.

cast iron

Have you heard about people making fancy new cast-iron pans? I was this close from contributing to a Kickstarter for a company trying to make lighter pans…but why would I do that, when my $16 Lodge skillet does just fine and will last me forever? I could put that money toward adding new spices to my collection. (Confession: I have a Penzey’s Spices addiction. And I don’t care.)

gyro chicken

Speaking of food, I can’t stop eating this chicken. I’m really glad my boyfriend will eat whatever I put in front of him, because I’ve made this no less than four times in the past ten days. I omit the pita, because I’m lazy and always have rice in my pantry to pair it with instead. Seriously. You have to make this chicken.

Wine in TN grocery stores

As of July 1, we Tennesseans can finally buy wine in grocery stores, and everybody lost their minds. See the actual headline in The Tennessean as proof. No longer will broke college students commission their out-of-state friends to bring them cases of Two-Buck Chuck.

And closer to home:


Guys. If you’ve finished FIELD OF GRAVES, now’s the time to move on to the next book (chronologically) in the series: ALL THE PRETTY GIRLS. You J.T. Ellison vets will no doubt remember this is her first book. But! It’s being put back in print with a pretty new cover. Hooray! You can check out the details here.


J.T.’s July Newsletter went out this week! Did you get yours? Have you tried that pickle recipe yet!? (you should!) Not on the list yet? You can sign up here. Spoiler alert: there’s a great contest coming to newsletter subscribers in the next couple of weeks, so now’s the time to join!

New Riesling!

My love for Riesling is not a secret. I love that varietal because it has such range, and you never know what you’re going to get. I tried a new bottle this week, and was blown away by it. If you’ve got spicy food or Asian dishes on your menu soon, this is the perfect one to pair it with!

That’s it from me, you guys! Have a lovely week, be safe tomorrow, and I’ll talk to you later!

–Assistant Amy

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