2.11.16 - On A Social Media Sabbatical

By JT Ellison

Lent is upon us, and as I do every year, I am taking a social media sabbatical.

As I write this, it hasn’t begun quite yet, and I’ve been cruising through Facebook and Twitter, having wee panic attacks at the thought of 6 weeks without either. Plus, of course, I have a book launching toward the end of Lent (which is from February 10 to March 24 this year.). This is an accurate portrayal of my inner struggles.

u haz a book

Thankfully, I have the Divine Amy, who will be running the show while I’m away.

In this day and age, it really is hard to simply disappear, especially when, like on my Facebook page, we have a community going. The cool thing is, said community can function without me. These people know each other. They talk, they share book recommendations, they tell each other jokes and lift each other up. It’s just that I’ll miss stopping by, chatting, being a part of everyone’s lives.

So if this Lenten fast causes me concern, why am I doing it?

That’s a good question. 2016 is my Year of Lent. I’m working to hard loosen my hold on things that aren’t in my control. For someone who keeps about 6 calendars for fear of screwing up and forgetting something important, you can imagine how difficult this is for me.

Lent is about giving up things that are precious to you. My online community is VERY precious to me. And, as happens, I’m spending too much time on social media and not enough time on writing.

But that’s the cop out answer, too. The truth is, I need to find some quiet space. There have been a lot of changes this year, a lot of cacophony at home, with construction and sick cats and leaks and family issues, and I need to slow down, turn inward, find some space for my creativity to flourish. I’ve been running away from a few stories that are begging to get out. I have new deadlines on everything, a massive shift in content creation, and I need to make excellent use of my time to get ahead of the game, so to speak.

I am a natural multi-tasker, which isn’t a good thing. Proof positive right here. I’ve been feeling the strain of trying to juggle too many things, so I am looking forward to mono-tasking, and really accomplishing a ton.

Because normally during Lent, I get a LOT of work done. One year I wrote 60,000 words in 6 weeks. Another I drafted two short stories and revised a full manuscript. I have great hopes for getting the new Nicholas Drummond book done, then getting a big jump start on the new Sam novel. And I have a short story that wants to come out and play. The blog needs tending. Amy and I are working on a secret project.

Plenty to do.

Lent, for me, is a time of great creativity, of quiet reflection, of focusing on what’s in front of me. There will be some travel, a lot of reading, and, I hope, a bit of peace for me to fill my well with.

I will be blogging, and Amy will be running all the usual exciting staples. You might not even miss me. But if you do, feel free to shout anytime through email, or through Amy.

Have a blessed Lent, chickens! See you on the other side!

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2.7.16 - Sunday Smatterings

By JT Ellison

Hi, lovelies! Who are you cheering for tonight? I’ll be decked out in my Broncos regalia, cheering on Peyton and the boys. I do hope they win for Peyton’s sake, especially if it’s his last game. Talk about going out on a high note, right?

Get ready: this is an extra-long Smatterings this week. But I know you can handle it!

Here’s what happened around the Internets this week:

Ok, first things first: you need to read this book. I’m serious. Ariel Lawhon has written a captivating, immersive story full of intricate historical details, intrigue and romance—all aboard the Hindenburg’s final journey. It’s not a book you’re not soon to forget.

Scientists may onto a cure for Type 1 Diabetes. So cool!

Also, LOOK at this pen! (What? I’m a sucker for cool writing instruments.)

I must say, this is an excellent theory: Harry Potter fan theory links Dursleys to the Deathly Hallows.

Aside from the first line of this interview (um, who hasn’t heard of Nora Roberts, even in England?), this is an interesting read: Nora Roberts: The woman who rewrote the rules of romantic fiction.

Self-love is important. The end. Here’s how to be nicer to yourself.

I love this Booksgiving experiment The Bloggess is running. (Also, if you haven’t already, pick up a copy of her book FURIOUSLY HAPPY. I mean, I was crying with laughter!)

The history of the ampersand is more interesting than you’d think.

A fabulous rant on how we writers can get lazy with our craft: Why I’m Taking a Break From Contemporary Romance. (heads up: this is pretty NSFW)

For creatives, sometimes it’s a bit too easy to compare your success with someone else, studying why they may have more than you do. Here’s how you can combat that feeling.

This is how to ease yourself into great writing.

I’m pretty pumped for my pal, YA author Victoria Schwab, whose crazy-successful A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC is getting adapted for TV by Gerard Butler!

Ever wish you had a road map for your literary adventures?

One of my favorite bookstores, Seattle Mystery Bookshop, is turning 25! And they’re celebrating with a giveaway!

PSA: have you added my new standalone, NO ONE KNOWS, to your Goodreads “Want to Read” list?

And closer to home:

If you’re itching for some free books, I have TWO Goodreads giveaways going on right now: one for a copy of THE FINAL CUT, and one for an ARC of my Taylor Jackson prequel, FIELD OF GRAVES (coming your way this June!).

And I had a fabulous time with InD’Tale Magazine, and you can read our interview here! We covered the gamut: Jaws, the White House, true love, and more.

So I got to interview the brilliant Greg Iles about his latest book, NATCHEZ BURNING, for A Word on Words. The show aired this morning and will be on again Thursday night. He’s just as cool as he is brilliant, which is saying something. I really enjoyed our conversation!

Two Tales Press

Don’t forget: I’ve got three unconventional love stories on sale for $0.99 at Two Tales Press!

The Wine Vixen

On The Wine Vixen, I dished about this Pinot Noir, which you should take to your next big social gathering (i.e. like a Super Bowl party tonight!), and Amy raved about this Pinot Grigio. We also liked this article that divulges where you can find the best value wines in the world.

That’s all from me! I’ve got some news coming your way tomorrow, so pay attention to the social media feeds—you don’t want to miss it!


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By noreply@blogger.com (Alexandra Sokoloff)

The first three books of my Thriller Award-nominated Huntress Moon series are on sale for just $1.99 each on Amazon US! (February 6 only). If you haven’t caught up with the series, here’s your chance to get a great deal.
Special Agent Matthew Roarke thought he knew what evil was. He was wrong.

Huntress: Amazon US: $1.99 Blood Moon: Amazon US: $1.99 Cold Moon: Amazon US: $1.99

HUNTRESS MOON wins Voice Arts Award for Best Audiobook Narration

Huntress Moon and my amazing narrator, RC Bray, have won a Voice Arts Award for Best Audiobook Narration, Crime & Thriller.

Bob is also the multi-award-winning narrator of the blockbuster audiobook of The Martian, and you can hear his stellar narration in all three of the Huntress books. Audiobook junkies might want to take the sale opportunity to pick up the ebooks – then add the narration for as low as $1.99

BITTER MOON coming in October

I’m thrilled to report that I’ve signed another two-book deal with Thomas & Mercer. Book 4 of the Huntress series, Bitter Moon, will be out in October, with Book 5 to come in early 2017. Just when you thought things couldn’t get more complicated for Roarke…

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It's Groundhog Day! So - Groundhog Day breakdown, Act I

By noreply@blogger.com (Alexandra Sokoloff)

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